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US, China Rift In South China Sea ‘Catastrophic For The World’

US, China Rift In South China Sea ‘Catastrophic For The World’
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US, China Rift In South China Sea ‘Catastrophic For The World’

South China Sea tensions is expected to end in catastrophic results should the situation be mishandled, according to analysts. Furthermore, it appears that claimants and allies are not stopping in their efforts to secure their “rights” in the region against a purportedly common enemy: China.

The South China Sea is becoming an increasingly disputed region and if the situation is not handled properly, this can lead to disastrous consequences for the years to come. Terrorism is not the “existential threat” to the United States, according to Gen. Michael Hayden – a former CIA chief and previous head of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Hayden is concerned whether the United States has been so preoccupied with fighting terrorism that it fails to see the bigger and graver problem. Particularly, China is seemingly rising for the years to come and it appears that the United States is mishandling such ascension to power.

“Now if you run the timeline out to the 10-year point, it’s China. I’m not saying China’s an enemy of the United States of America,” The Guardian quoted Hayden. “I’m just simply saying that if we do not handle the emergence of the People’s Republic well, it will be catastrophic for the world.”

William Jones, a member of the Executive Intelligence Review in Leesburg agrees on the matter. According to him, the situation in the South China Sea is leading to pre-war. “This is a situation extremely dangerous and we saw that in the early 20th century leading to World War I and we can see that this is becoming a more confrontational situation,” Jones told Press TV in an interview. “China is becoming rather irritated about this given the comments from Hong Lei at the Foreign Ministry and more significantly the Foreign Minister Wang Yi in his press conference that pointed out that it is the US that is militarizing the South China Sea not China,” he added.

Despite being at the center of political fire for its South China Sea efforts, China is not backing down on any front. It has also started calling out nations for possible military efforts in the disputed region including warning Philippines of leasing planes from Japan recently.

“If the Philippines’ actions are to challenge China’s sovereignty and security interests,  China is resolutely opposed,” Reuters quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei.

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