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US Cellular Rolls Out No-Contract $50 Unlimited Plan Promo

US Cellular Rolls Out No-Contract $50 Unlimited Plan Promo


US Cellular Rolls Out No-Contract $50 Unlimited Plan Promo

As the battle between the major wireless network providers heats up, the smaller players also aim to pick up steam. Consumers who are in search for cheap phone services with unlimited access to data should consider US Cellular.

Before weekend, the regional carrier launched its new promotional plan that most consumers surely could not say ‘no’ to. It is now offering unlimited data and voice messaging for just $50 per month. To top it all, the plan will be without the typical subscription contract, which ties consumers to a deal in two years.

In a statement, the company said the promotional plan would be great for customers who aim to save on costs and enjoy freedom as well as simplicity of a plan without any contract. The $50 unlimited
plan is now available in-store and online.

Available devices with the plan 

US Cellular also offers a range of reasonably priced smartphones that come along with the new plan. Included in that lineup is ZTE Director, a budget-friendly device worth just $50. For those who prefer 4G LTE services, there are Samsung Axiom and Kyocera Hydro XTRM, which now cost $130 each. The Moto X is also available for $300 along with rebates.

There are more 4G LTE smartphones that are available from US Cellular. Those could be availed as well with the plan. The wireless carrier claims that up to 90% of its regular customers now enjoy access to 4G LTE services.

Interesting features

The $50 unlimited plan from US Cellular comes with several other interesting and attractive features. Those include voicemail, call waiting, and three-way calling. The service also covers nationwide long distance, international text messaging, and international phone dialing.

For the unlimited data access, the company admits that it will adopt ways to observe its fair usage. US Cellular says it would start throttling data speeds once a user of the promotional plan consumes his first 500MB of data. As usual, the gauge renews after each month.

US Cellular advises consumers to immediately take advantage of this promotional plan. It reminded consumers that they may not be able to wait too long because the plan is just promotional. The $50 unlimited data plan comes as a limited-time offer. The company did not specify when it would expire. That is why consumers should grab the offer sooner before it lasts. 

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