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US Army Martial Law September 2016: Read What Leaked Document Reveals

US Army Martial Law September 2016: Read What Leaked Document Reveals
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US Army Martial Law September 2016: Read What Leaked Document Reveals

A purported classified document from the U.S. Army announcing Martial Law has gone viral on Facebook, warning of an impending martial law set to be announced next month.

The alleged confidential document, which was posted by Jonathan Theiben on August 20, provided a detailed plan for the imposition of Martial Law. Theiben wrote that the document was posted to a closed Facebook group called the Prophecy, News and Updates Happening Now, which is inaccessible for non-members.

Prepare for Martial Law?

“…. the Bill for Exec Order Enacting Martial Law has been put into effect. Fort Carson (Colorado) will start training and preparation 5 September 2016 0900,” an excerpt of the alleged leaked document reads.

The document dated August 8, which has the subject line “Preparation for Martial Law,” contained the letterhead of the U.S. Department of the Army headquarters, fourth infantry division in Fort Carson.

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If one is to believe the document, it was indicated that the preparation will be conducted on range 165 near Red Devil at the gate 12 of the training site. The document provided instructions on how the soldiers will carry out the preparation on the specified date.

Leaked Video

The website Red Flag News reported the leaked document, which provided a link to a video on YouTube explaining the rumored preparation for Martial Law. It wasn’t clear, though, who the original source of the leaked document was, or who uploaded it online.

But U.S. Army officials vehemently denied the veracity of the leaked document, as it was a “complete fabrication,” Snopes reported. The report noted that conspiracy theories during pre-election season is somewhat typical, especially since the country is barely two months away from electing its new president.

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