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[Update] Xbox Live Servers Go Down, Microsoft Promises Quick Solution

[Update] Xbox Live Servers Go Down, Microsoft Promises Quick Solution
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[Update] Xbox Live Servers Go Down, Microsoft Promises Quick Solution

Microsoft is having a rough February with Xbox Live services going down again. The company’s online gaming infrastructure has hit choppy waters after the gaming service went down again for the second time in the same month. However, the good news is that Microsoft is looking for a quick solution and will provide the update as soon as possible.

For those who want to play the download-version of the Xbox live game, you will not be able to do so now. They cannot reboot the digital game due to the unavailability of the Xbox Live services. The news broke out on social media, as gamers took to the social networking site to express their disappointments. Meanwhile, the Redmond-based company confirmed the news of the outage on Twitter.

Due to the Xbox Live service issue, digital versions of Star Wars and download version of Trials Fusion won’t start. There were further complaints regarding booting up Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and Netflix. When trying to download or reboot the gaming versions, a message appears that reads ‘error’.

Record says that millions of people have subscribed to premium tier membership of Xbox live and they pay $60 a year to help the tech giant maintain adequate services for its servers. Microsoft, however, could not live up to fans’ expectations, but is said to be working on a quick fix.

“We understand some of you might be having a tough time signing into Xbox Live. Additionally, we realize that some of you are experiencing issues purchasing new subscriptions or managing existing subscriptions. We want you to know our top engineers are on the case and are working toward a fix. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! We will provide an update as soon as we know more,” Microsoft declared on Xbox Live support site.

The reason for the outage is traced to a cyberattack, which forced the gaming service to go down for three consecutive days, reports VentureBeat. There were previous such cyberattack issues that forced Sony’s PlayStation Network to go offline during Christmas last year.

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