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Upcoming ‘The Legend Of Bum-bo’: Speculated Prequel Of ‘The Binding Of Isaac’

Upcoming ‘The Legend Of Bum-bo’: Speculated Prequel Of ‘The Binding Of Isaac’
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Upcoming ‘The Legend Of Bum-bo’: Speculated Prequel Of ‘The Binding Of Isaac’

A new game is in the works, and it would be a prequel of another famous game. Players are teased by indie designer, Edmund McMillen, who is known for his works on Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac games, with a post. The new project has been brewing for several months and as of now is called The Legend of Bum-bo.

McMillen wrote in a blog post that he has been working in collaboration with James Id for a secret project for several months. They are finally spilling the beans once and for all. The Legend of Bum-bo, he said, is a turn-based puzzle RPG game that is randomly generated.

His partner is in charge of the programming and handling of all 3D aspects of the game’s art as well as a lot of other things –which was not enumerated. Meanwhile, McMillen is in charge of the design, writing and dealings with the 2D art as well as the character design. And he also said that as usual, his partners for the game’s audio is Matthias and Jon of Ridiculon.

Not only did he spilled the beans about the upcoming game, he also dropped a question (or perhaps he was teasing gamers?) that might pertain to a prequel of The Binding of Isaac. The exact post reads, “but why is this on the isaac blog!? what does this have to do with isaac!? when isaac!? isaac? isaac! why!?

He also said, “well im sure those questions will be answered in the coming months once we tease a bit more. Follow us on twitter for more cryptic messages.” This could mean that it will be revealed soon or perhaps bit by bit on their Twitter account. Speculation is already buzzing as players await the upcoming game.

Meanwhile, for those who need a background, The Binding of Isaac is a rogue-like game first released in 2011. Digital Trends reports it is loosely inspired by the Biblical episode with the same name. Isaac is a young boy whose mother believes God has ordered her to kill him as a test of her faith. Isaac escapes into the basement and must descend through a series of procedurally generated levels.

The character’s abilities can be enhanced through power-ups, which could be gathered through ways that can be subtle or absurd depending on who plays the game. The game has a challenging gameplay coupled with grotesque imagery and religious iconography. It has been removed from the iOS Store once because of this.

However, despite the seemingly offensive nature and/or environment of the game, it has so far managed to become successful, receiving a series of ports plus updates. The recent one was released last October 2015 with the Afterbirth expansion.

Meanwhile, PC Games N explains who the main character of The Legend of Bum-bo is. In the Binding of Isaac game, Bum-bo is a follower that can be acquired by the player. It has been one of the latest additions in the recent expansion of the game. He is a little head that gets coins on the floor and slowly upgrades.

Bum-bo can range from stealing money to dropping pickups, shooting tears, charging enemies and dealing pretty heavy contact damage while also dropping active bombs to further damage them. According to the reporter, he is great and can turn coins into something useful in the early game and becomes a damage-dealing powerhouse a few floors later.

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