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Upcoming Apple Watch To Alert Friends And Family In Times Of Emergency

Upcoming Apple Watch To Alert Friends And Family In Times Of Emergency
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Upcoming Apple Watch To Alert Friends And Family In Times Of Emergency

Smartwatches are more of fitness bands than mere watches. These wristbands have, up until now, helped the wearers to measure how many kilometers you have walked, or keep a track of your heart beat while you run and makes sure it encourages you to move around a lot rather than sit for hours without movement. The upcmoming Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 is rumored to be taking this health fundamental one step further.

The latest rumors suggest that Apple has filed a patent application for a feature on the upcoming Apple Watch that could alert a “care list” created by you in case of emergency. If this turns out to be true, this is how it will work. On Apple Watch 2, the user will have to create a list where contacts of friends, family or family Doctor the person would like to inform about in case of emergency can be added. Depending on your health condition or environmental changes, an alert will be sent to these recipients. Apple Insider was the first publication to give out the news. Here is what Apple Insider wrote in its reports,

“As published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s application for “Care event detection and alerts” provides for a hardware system capable of monitoring its surrounding environment for so-called “care events,” described as any event that necessitates assistance from medical personnel, police, fire rescue or other emergency technicians. For example, the device could be programmed to monitor a user’s heart for an arrhythmia and, upon detection, send out an alert to family or emergency responders.”

But you need to have an iPhone to put this upcoming Apple watch’s feature to use as the smartphone will be dialing the numbers in case of emergency. Apple Watch is already the most popular smartwatch and this care detection feature would surely add to its sales figure.

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