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Up to 5 Million Gmail Accounts Data Reportedly Leaked Online

Up to 5 Million Gmail Accounts Data Reportedly Leaked Online


Up to 5 Million Gmail Accounts Data Reportedly Leaked Online

Up to 5 Million Gmail Accounts Data Reportedly Leaked Online

Here is another reason for you to once again change your Gmail accounts password. According to reports, a file that has been recently posted in a Bitcoin security forum claims to feature and include data of close to 5 million Gmail addresses and their corresponding passwords.

Initial information about this report discloses that the accounts came from various countries worldwide. However, according to many experts, much of the information disclosed in the file are either obsolete or inaccurate. In many cases, the passwords are just old and do not match anymore with the Gmail accounts list.

Possible source of leak

So how did this data come through? Some experts can only give theories now. According to some, the data featured on the leakage could have been gathers from different data breaches of emails as well as passwords for third-party services and websites, not Gmail itself.

But here is what makes it dangerous. Many Gmail users actually use their Gmail account information in opening other accounts in other online services. One popular example is the use of Amazon. To date, many users still log in to the e-commerce portal using their Gmail account information. Thus, if anyone gets access to one’s Gmail account data, the scammer could instantly get access to the victim’s  Amazon account.

No breach of Google systems

As of press time, Google is yet to make any official statement about this issue. However, a spokesperson from the company has already reiterated that so far, they have not detected any breach of its current systems. But most of the experts advise all Gmail users to again change their passwords for security measures.

Across the web, there is also an online site that can tell if your Gmail account is on the list of the leaked Gmail accounts. However, the site is in Russian language. Thus, it is still not advisable that you use that service unless an English version soon appears online. You should not be comfortable giving your Gmail account name data to a site that you don’t really understand. No other additional  information is yet available about that Russian website.

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