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Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade: Woman Wins Case Vs Microsoft, Gets $10K In Lawsuit

Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade: Woman Wins Case Vs Microsoft, Gets $10K In Lawsuit
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Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade: Woman Wins Case Vs Microsoft, Gets $10K In Lawsuit

Teri Goldstein was anything but pleased when her computer attempted to download a Windows 10 upgrade on its own. For one thing, the update became the source of a lot of trouble for her, so much so that she decided to file a legal complaint against Microsoft. In the end, Goldstein was awarded a $10,000 judgment against the tech giant.

Microsoft has called Windows 10 “the best Windows ever.” It’s also supposed to be “familiar from the start” to regular Windows user. That’s because it is said to be compatible with any existing hardware, software and peripherals.

At the same time, the upgrade is expected to make your life easier. For one thing, you’ve got a personal digital assistant named Cortana on Windows 10. Unfortunately for Goldstein, her life simply became miserable when her computer upgraded.

According to a report from the Seattle Times, the upgrade on Goldstein’s computer seemed to have failed. She said that since it happened, her computer would unexpectedly crash and become unusable for days. That is exactly what urged her to bring Microsoft to court.

In the course of the proceedings, Microsoft reportedly dropped the appeal and Goldstein was allowed to collect her judgment. A spokeswoman said that Microsoft discontinued with the appeal in order to avoid further litigation expenses. However, it seems Goldstein’s compensation still may not be enough.

During the time Goldstein’s computer stopped working properly, she had accrued as much as $17,000 in costs in terms of expenses lost due to the failed upgrade, according to a report from ComputerWorld.

Goldstein runs the travel agency TG Travel Group LLC in Sausalito, California, and not being able to use her computer properly meant that she wasn’t able to serve her clients efficiently from September to December, which were her business’ peak season.

Today, Microsoft continues to offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 until July 29. You can go to this site to get your upgrade started now. Meanwhile, following the settlement with Goldstein, Microsoft issued a statement saying, “We’re continuing to listen to customer feedback and evolve the upgrade experience based on their feedback.”

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