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Footage Shows Mohammed Emwazi Playing Football

Footage Shows Mohammed Emwazi Playing Football
Image from Flickr by TheBusyBrain


Footage Shows Mohammed Emwazi Playing Football

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Image from Flickr by TheBusyBrain

Mohammed Emwazi, notorious executioner of ISIS who beheaded a number of Western and Japanese hostages, seems to be a skilled football player during his schooldays in London, an 11-year-old footage has revealed on Channel Four News.

Footage shows a young “Jihadi John” picking teams and playing football in Quintin Kynaston Academy in northwest London.

Emwazi, who was 15 years old then, seems to be skilled in playing the sport as he was the second player to be picked. Based on how he repeatedly moved away from the camera, it can be surmised that he was shy.

Diane Foley, mother of murdered American journalist James Foley, viewed the footage and told Channel 4 News, “That is one of the most frightening parts – how a promising young person who had many gifts could use his talents for such evil.

“It’s very frightening he would end up filled with such hate. That’s very disturbing to me, that young people would be attracted to such hatred and brutality.”

Regarding the identification of Emwazi, she said, “It really, truly does not make that much difference because if it had not been that young man, then I’m afraid it would have been someone else. I think it’s tragic for that young man and his family – it’s just so sad and we must do more to protect our young people from the lies that have instilled so much hate and brutality.”

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