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Unlock Your Phone In A Few Easy Steps

Unlock Your Phone In A Few Easy Steps
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Unlock Your Phone In A Few Easy Steps

Unlocked phones can actually shower a bunch of benefits on the users, starting with saving lots of money to increasing the re-sale value of the device. An unlocked phone can be easily used with any local SIMs which can help the user avoid hefty international charges during travel.

An unlocked phone can also be used with a dual-SIM adapter for added convenience while switching among different networks. In fact, unlocking your phone is not illegal nowadays and moreover, once you have paid for a phone, it should be yours to decide which carrier to pay.

For your information, there are many mobile phones that naturally come with unlocked SIMs. Phones sold on Amazon or eBay have this feature and the mobile models coded for international sale are also SIM-unlocked. Nexus innately comes with an unlocked SIM, whereas brands like Asus and Alcatel focus on offering unlocked handsets.

Phones from Verizon and Sprint are usually network unlocked, but that does not guarantee they work with another network. On the other hand, phones sold at the store of T-Mobile or AT&T and from other Canadian carriers are mostly locked and need to be unlocked manually to enjoy features of an unlocked phone as mentioned above.

To know at a glance if your mobile is SIM locked or unlocked you can check if the name of any carrier is embellished on the handset.  If it is there, then the phone is locked for that particular network. However, there is actually nothing to worry about if you want to unlock your phone; you can do it easily. Here is all you need to do to unlock your phone.

Ask your Carrier

This is the simplest way to make your phone SIM unlocked. All you need to do is ask your carrier to unlock your phone for any network. They will supply you with a code. When you put a new SIM of a different network in your phone, it will automatically ask for that code. Once you enter it, you are done.  You might need to reboot your device once to complete the unlocking process.

In case your new network is an unknown one, you might need to enter the APN settings for the new network manually; however, for big networks, this part is automatically taken care of through system software.

This process is simple only until your carrier is willing to unlock your phone, but if it is not, this process is not going to work. But don’t worry – “when there’s a will, there’s a way” and this “other way” is also simple enough. Only you will have to spend a minimum sum for it, usually between $8 and $30.

Opting for a professional unlocking service

The carriers sell network unlock codes to other companies in bulk and these other companies then sell them directly to users. You can simply ask such company to unlock your handset by providing the details of your device. Here you will also be provided with the code. When you enter the new SIM, you will have to use this code to unlock your phone. You can have the technical assistance from the code seller as well.

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