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This University Found A Way To Fight Fake News

This University Found A Way To Fight Fake News
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This University Found A Way To Fight Fake News

  • IU develops online tool to combat fake news.
  • Experts recognize the growing concern over the issue.

The problem with the proliferation of fake news is indeed serious. The issue has prompted institutions to come up with measures to combat it.

Fake news is not only troubling search engines and social networking sites. Even educational institutions are looking for ways to address this concern.

Combatting The Problem

Software developers from Indiana University have developed a tool that can analyze whether an article is a hoax or not, Science Daily reported.

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The tool, called Hoaxy, searches the article’s claim while yielding graphical visualization on its analysis. It then uses available data to analyze whether it’s fake or real. News is considered fake if it’s based on claims, unverifiable facts, hoaxes, and satire aiming to mislead the reader.

According to its website, the tool is still on beta stage. But it holds promising results on how to end the proliferation of fake articles on the internet. On its current stage, it provides visualization of a certain article’s claim while running a fact checking procedure.

Fake News Concern

Filippo Menczer, professor in the IU School of Informatics and Computing, is the lead-researcher behind the online tool. He said that fake articles have the potential to shape opinions on some issues, including politics.

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“In the past year, the influence of fake news in the U.S. has grown from a niche concern to a phenomenon with the power to sway public opinion. We’ve now even seen examples of fake news inspiring real-life danger, such as the gunman who fired shots in a Washington, D.C., pizza parlor in response to false claims of child trafficking,” Menczer was quoted as saying by Science Daily.

Before Hoaxy, IU also launched a tool called BotOrNot. It can analyze whether a person on social media is real or a computer-based machine.

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