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United Airlines Pilots Drunk: Facts About Brady Grebenc And Carlos Licona

United Airlines Pilots Drunk: Facts About Brady Grebenc And Carlos Licona
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United Airlines Pilots Drunk: Facts About Brady Grebenc And Carlos Licona

United Airlines pilots Carlos Licona and Brady Grebenc were arrested at Glasgow airport on suspicion of being drunk to fly their jets.

The pilots were supposed to fly a transatlantic passenger jet from Scotland to the U.S. They were arrested yesterday on allegations that they were boarding the cockpit of the flight despite being drunk.

According to the Daily Mail, Licona, 45, and Brady, 35, were military veterans. The two United Airlines pilots also worked as flight instructors.

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In 2013, Licona was awarded by the FFA for “setting a positive example” to other pilots. Based on information gathered on his LinkedIn page, Licona spent the last 28 years working in Military Intelligence. He used to work for the United States Air National Guard.

A native of Fort Worth, Colorado, Grebenc lived in Columbus, Mississippi. His LinkedIn page states that he is an “Instructor Pilot with 8+ years of service, United States Air Force and United States Air Force Reserve.”

Flight UA162, which would have traveled from Glasgow to Newark, New Jersey, was grounded after the pilots were detained. The duo were held over the weekend at Govan police station, located about five miles from the airport.

“Concerns were raised and police were called. There was a fair police presence as it’s a sensitive and highly secure part of airport,” said a source.

“Staff are subject to intensive and thorough security procedures in just the same way as passengers. No chances are taken nowadays.”

Yesterday, a police spokeswoman said they could confirm the two United Airlines pilots were arrested and currently detained in police custody. The arrest was made in connection to the alleged offenses under the Railway and Transport Safety Act (2003) Section 93.

The Railway and Transport Safety Act (2003) Section 93 says that “carrying out pilot function or activity while exceeding the prescribed limit of alcohol” is punishable, according to the Daily Record.

Carlos Licona and Brady Grebenc are due to appear at Paisley Sheriff Court tomorrow.

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