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United Airlines To Charge For Overhead Storage: Facts To Know

United Airlines To Charge For Overhead Storage: Facts To Know
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United Airlines To Charge For Overhead Storage: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

United Airlines mulls to impose additional fees for its overhead storage under its new and cheapest fare tier.

Aiming to increase its revenue by $1 billion come 2020, the United Airlines is up for a drastic move. But the airline’s move to create a new fare category, did not sit well with the public, the Washington Post reported.

No More Free Overhead Bins?

Airlines allowed passengers before to board with their carry on luggage on top of a personal bag regardless of its ticket class. But this time, United Airlines launched a new ticketing category: Basic Economy.

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But now, passengers flying under the new tier are only allowed to carry their personal belongings to be placed under the seat. This is the first time that an airline as big as the United came up with such measure.

Angered by the recent move, U.S Senator Charles Schumer has expressed his disgust towards the airline company. Schumer described the overhead compartment as “one of the last sacred conveniences of air travel.”

United Airlines Rebut

Amid the criticisms that flood the company, the social media representative of the airline came in to pacify the speculations. In a series of tweets, the United Airlines belied rumors that it planned to impose fees on its overhead bins.

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“We will not be charging for overhead bin space. Basic Economy is a lower-priced option that only allows a personal item. You’re not required to purchase a Basic Economy fare. If you want more luggage, this fare might not be for you,” United Airlines tweeted Wednesday.

The airline clarified that the old policy, which allows one carry on luggage and a personal bag, remains the same in other ticket tiers. It added that customers who might have more luggage requirement should opt for other ticket options.

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