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‘Uncharted 4’ Is So Pretty & Everyone’s Going Crazy Over It


‘Uncharted 4’ Is So Pretty & Everyone’s Going Crazy Over It

Uncharted 4 has been gaining steam online, with some describing it as the best and possibly the last of its kind. Whereas other games succeed with skyrocketing financial success, Uncharted is successful in its own way because it plays like a movie. Is Uncharted 4 really one of the best out there?

Upon the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, several reactions and reviews sprung up. Many were having doubts about it, especially since it there were a lot of pre-launch disappointments – but the game was different.

According to Eurogamer, Uncharted 4 finally gave people a game that can meet and exceed even the highest of pre-launch expectations. Simply put, the game is a “technical powerhouse” people have been waiting for.

“That fleeting sensation of being truly wowed by what’s on-screen doesn’t come quite as often as we like, but it’s a feeling that never left us with this title – even as the final credits rolled,” wrote John Linneman. He also added that the set pieces were excellent. The game offers detailed environments and characters plus larger maps. Gameplay mechanics were also praised for being richer than ever, which, according to Linneman, is the real deal.

The Verge said that when compared to its contemporaries, the Uncharted series managed to create a sensation similar to a summer blockbuster. It offers people the feeling of being caught up in an adventure so compelling it makes people feel like they are actually in the game.

“Uncharted 4, released this week, is both the culmination of the franchise, and the pinnacle of the games-as-films craze,” wrote Chris Plante for The Verge.

“Were it a film, Uncharted 4 could make a handsome sum in royalties for the number of times it will undoubtedly appear at Hollywood conferences and summits, where it will be picked apart for lessons on how to create the future of interactive cinema,” he added.

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