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Uncertainty Hounds Google+ on Its Upcoming 3rd Anniversary

Uncertainty Hounds Google+ on Its Upcoming 3rd Anniversary


Uncertainty Hounds Google+ on Its Upcoming 3rd Anniversary

Uncertainty Hounds Google+ on Its Upcoming 3rd AnniversaryWhat’s up with Google+? As of now, it seems that no one is certain about the fate of the social networking tool of giant search engine and technology firm Google. Is the company rethinking about the existence of the unit? Or is it still holding plans for Google+?

For users of the social networking service, Google+ is about to mark its third anniversary on June 28. But as of press time, there is no word yet about how the occasion would be celebrated.

To make matters worse, many analysts and observers are baffled about the real reason why Google+ is not included in the upcoming Google I/O or the annual developers conference. The event would be held in the coming week in San Francisco in California. The current schedule shared to the public includes sessions regarding Google Play, Chrome, the cloud, and Android.

Signs of the times

It should also be noted that senior vice president and Google+ head Vic Gundotra said he was about to leave Google last April. To those who don’t know him, he is considered as the face behind the social networking site. That is aside from being its head, he is also serving as its most ardent cheerleader.

To many analysts, it did not help that Google+ has not been able to match its main competitor, Facebook, which is still the most popular and most used social networking site in the world. As of October 2013, Google+ has accumulated a total of around 300 million monthly active users. That pales in comparison to the present number of Facebook users, which is estimated at over 1 billion globally.

Analysis and speculations

Many observers think that Google is already rethinking its strategy on Google+, which may come as not surprising. To them, the site can be a good collaboration tool instead of as a social networking tool. Thus, for them, it is just about time that Google reassesses its stand on the service.

A spokesman from Google recently declined to answer questions about whether Google+ would even be mentioned in the opening keynote to be delivered at the Google I/O. However, he also refused to reveal the elements of the keynote.

To others, this may not mean that the company is already pulling back its important support for Google+. For sure, the service would be managed by another leader.

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