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Ukraine Has Received Support From Russia

Ukraine Has Received Support From Russia
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Ukraine Has Received Support From Russia

Ukraine and Russia have been in the middle of a crisis. But it appears that the former is now making a move. According to reports, the Kiev is training troops to sabotage the Kremlin in what could be deemed as an act of war.

According to reports, Ukraine has received support from NATO about launching sabotage and terror tactics in Crimea. Ukraine has been in crisis with Russia, which many leaders across the globe deemed alarming.

Along with the training comes activation of the alliance’s military advisers from the U.S., the UK, Canada and Lithuania.

Ukraine Makes a Move to Sabotage NATO

One of the goals of the training is to persecute troops that turned over to the Russian army after 2014. The paper added that the goal is to include retired officers of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in reconnaissance, sabotage and terrorist activities.

Russia has been under scrutiny following the annexation of Crimea. Ukraine has made it clear it will fight for its interests.

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“This is an exchange of provocations as part of a hybrid war,” TASS quoted a lawmaker of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada speaking to RBC.

“If Russia didn’t stop this, then it means that Ukraine doesn’t need to stop either. A symmetrical response was needed to halt the search for saboteurs,” he said.

NATO Warns Trump

In an interview with the New Atlanticist, former secretary general of NATO George Robertson said, “There are two reasons why the United States should be absolutely supportive of NATO.”

“NATO membership is about American defense and security as well as that of the other members of the Alliance.

“That’s why America became part of NATO. On the 12th of September, 2001, the self-defense clause of the Alliance was invoked in order to support America when the United States was attacked on 9/11.”

Robertson added that dialogue with Russia is acceptable, but NATO is needed to keep Putin in line.

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