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UK Slams U.S. Magazines For Fabricated Story Of Pregnant Kate Middleton

UK Slams U.S. Magazines For Fabricated Story Of Pregnant Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Hot Gossip Italia / Flickr CC BY 2.0


UK Slams U.S. Magazines For Fabricated Story Of Pregnant Kate Middleton

Image from Flickr from Hot Gossip Italia

Image from Flickr by Hot Gossip Italia

U.S. magazines Life&Style and OK! USA ran two similar stories claiming Kate Middleton has already given birth. The stories both claimed there was much drama inside the delivery room, with the royal family feuding over who has the rights to first go see the baby.

However, UK news sites slammed the reports, saying the two U.S. magazines had fabricated the story.

The Daily Mirror’s Royal Correspondent Victoria Murphy described the story as hilarious.

“These front pages are absolutely hilarious as Kate clearly hasn’t had her baby. We saw her out and about twice earlier this week and she is scheduled to do another engagement next Friday before she goes on her maternity leave,” Murphy told the Mirror.

“Take it from me, she’s definitely still pregnant. And trust me, when this baby is born there won’t be any missing the news – it will be everywhere,” Murphy said.

“…she actually hasn’t. So why on Earth are the USA media claiming that she has?” Duncan Lindsay for Metro UK wrote.

“Now, as media ourselves, we’re fully aware that the occasional mistakes can happen, such as a missed apostrophe or an inaccurate date. But inventing an entire birth of one of the most famous women in the world? That’s a bit of a stretch guys,” Lindsay wrote.

“It’s a Girl for Kate! Delivery Room Drama”

Image from Life&Style

Image from Life&Style

Life&Style announced on its front cover that the Duchess of Cambridge had a girl, and that her birth caused a ‘delivery room drama’ among the royals.

The title on the front page is written on yellow and all letters capitalized. It also has three subheads, claiming that the Duchess had a C-section, an intriguing question on who among the royals were banned from the delivery room and that Prince George had a cute moment seeing his sister for the first time.


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‘Kate’s Dramatic Delivery’

Image from OK! USA

Image from OK!USA

OK! USA, on the other hand, ran a front page with a title written in bold as well. There are also subheads saying that the family and security rushed to the hospital and that Kate’s mom “went crazy” inside the delivery room.

OK! USA’s website featured a snippet of its story in a slideshow. According to one of the snippets, Royal Biographer Nicholas Davies told the magazine that Prince Charles was angry the family of the Duchess were the first ones to see Prince George when he was born. Prince Charles reportedly wants that to change for the second baby.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge reportedly agreed to Prince Charles’ whims. An unnamed source told OK! that the decision will “drive Carole [Middleton] crazy.”


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