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UK Moms Bring Kids To ISIS, Fathers Plead ‘Please Come Home’

UK Moms Bring Kids To ISIS, Fathers Plead ‘Please Come Home’
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UK Moms Bring Kids To ISIS, Fathers Plead ‘Please Come Home’

Three mothers, who are siblings, were feared to have brought their children to Syria to fight alongside the ISIS. The fathers have made a heartbreaking plea for their wives to come back home and bring their children to safety.

Mothers bring kids to Syria to join ISIS

Authorities suspect that the three mothers and siblings Khadija Dawood, Sugra Dawood and Zohra Dawood brought their children aged between 5-15 years to Syria. The suspicion arises as the three mothers have a brother who is already fighting with the ISIS.

Fathers Mohammad Shoaib and Akhtar Iqbal told police that their wives and children were supposed to return home on June 11 on a flight from Jeddah after a pilgrimage to media. The police have since conducted investigation to track their whereabouts and to bring them back to safety, especially the children.

North East Counter Terrorism Unit is leading the investigation. “Our priority is for their safe return; their families are gravely worried about them and want them home. One of our primary concerns is the safety and welfare of the young children,” said Assistant Chief Constable Russ Foster of West Yorkshire Police.

Father makes emotional pleas

On Wednesday, the fathers make an emotional plea for their wives to come back.

Iqbal, the husband of Sugra Dawood, cannot contain tears as he thinks about his three-year-old son Ismaeel. Also missing is his daughter Mariya aged 5, Zaynab aged 8, Ibrahim, aged 14 and Juanid, aged 15.

He appealed for his wife to come back home with the kids.

“I know the kids can’t live without me and you, please bring them home, they can’t live without me. I’m not angry, please come back, everything is normal, come back to normal life please,” he pleaded.

“I would like to appeal to my family. To my wife Sugra and my sons Junaid, Ibrahim, Ismaeel and my daughters Zaynab and Mariya. Please, please contact with me. Please, please call me. It’s been eight, nine days, you are out and we don’t know where you are. I miss you, I love you. All of you, I love you a lot. I can’t live without you,” Iqbal cried.

“Please, Mariya, I love you. I don’t know what to say, I’m shaking. I miss you. It’s been too many days. Please come back home so we can live a normal life. There’s nothing wrong. I miss you. That’s all I want to say. I want them back,”

Shoaib, husband of Khadija Dawood, is worried about his five-year-old kid Muhammad Haseeb and seven-year-old kid Maryam Siddiqui. He pleaded for his wife to come back home. He almost broke down as he spoke.

“We’ve been married 11 years, and we were in a perfect relationship, she knew it, please come back. They are young kids, seven and five. We had a perfect relationship, we had a lovely family, I don’t know what happened.Wherever you are, I will come and bring you home, there’s no problem.”

Zohra’s husband was not able to attend the press conference since he was living overseas, The Telegraph reported.


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