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UK Elections 2015: Most Unpredictable Election

UK Elections 2015: Most Unpredictable Election
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UK Elections 2015: Most Unpredictable Election

With the UK elections drawing near, the media, poll experts and politicians are considering different angles of the election. Concluded results are messy. It says no party will get majority seat. As the campaign enters its final day, contenders are working on eleventh-hour strategies to woo voters.

After analyzing various factors, it is predicted that Britain is going to have the most unpredictable election in a generation. Among many competitors, Prime Minister David Cameron of the of Conservative Party versus Labour Party’s Ed Miliband is touted as the closest. Polls say Cameron might not able to regain his seat, leading to a very unclear election with no party gaining majority.

Cameron and Miliband are pitted against each other. Both are working hard to establish their stand and campaigns to reach out to voters and disseminate their messages to the people of Britain.

The consequence of the elections are assumed to be chaotic. The final decision as to who will form the government will take more than a week even after the results are declared.

Ed Miliband said that he is “optimistic” about winning the elections. He said, “I’m optimistic – but it will be in the hands of the people come tomorrow and I know the people will make the right judgment.

“And, I hope people make a judgment on the basis of what’s best for them and their family because I’m not just asking people to vote Labour, I’m asking people to vote to put their family first in this election.

“I think on the ballot paper is the National Health Service, tax credits and child benefits, family finances, our young people and that’s why I ask people to vote Labour.”

David Cameron is also leaving no stone unturned to impress the people of Britain with big promises.

The UK General Elections will be held on May 7, 2015.


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