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In UK, Denver International Airport Is Spookiest Place On Earth

In UK, Denver International Airport Is Spookiest Place On Earth
Denver International Airport Timothy Vollmer CC BY 2.0


In UK, Denver International Airport Is Spookiest Place On Earth

The Denver International Airport has been associated with conspiracy theories and also been labeled as one of the spookiest places on the planet, owing to a layout that is “shaped like a swastika” and death murals.

While the conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International stemmed soon after its opening almost 20 years ago, they continue to haunt the airport even today.

According to The Sun  and The Telegraph, both UK-based news outlets, some people say that the swastika resembling layout could be an indication of the existence of a secret right wing plot. Some of the other airports that have four or more runways (like the JFK, Las Vegas International and Miami) have different layouts. The diagram for their layouts can be viewed here.

It isn’t just the layout that has given way to conspiracy theories. The airport’s interior and exterior designing – most prominent of which includes the blue Mustang, a sculpture a part of which fell on the leg of its artist Luis Jimenez in 2006, severing an artery and killing him – caused much interest. Some of the other artworks include a series of murals by Leo Tanguma and a Nazi style stormtrooper that can be seen carrying a sword and rifle.

Constructed in 1995, the airport covers an area of 34000 acres. Building the airport caused the shuttering of the Stapleton International Airport, despite the latter having more gates and runways.

Another fact that has piqued the interest of conspiracy theorists is that different contractors were hired to complete different parts of the airport; a strategy believed to be aimed at ensuring that no one knew the entire scope of the construction.

There were also suspicions that construction was being carried out underground. This was highlighted by the 110 million cubic yards of earth that was moved, a number higher than required, and the construction of a tunnel system.

Speaking with Robert Blaskiewicz of the Sceptical Inquirer in 2012, Art Program Manager Matt Chasansky and Jenny Schiavone from the airport’s media team had said, “You name a conspiracy theory and somehow we seem to be connected to it. But probably the most common is that there’s an underground city and that it is a part of a network of underground cities that the government or some sort of shadow international government, or aliens, are building, depending on your perspective… or Masons… I can’t give a tour in the airport without at least one person attaching themselves to the tour and starting to ask questions about it. There’s not [any] evidence you can provide, there are no assurances you can give that the conspiracy theory is wrong, because … obviously it’s going to be a cover up or brainwashing or chips installed in brains.”

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