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UK Bans Gucci Ad For Featuring Unnaturally Thin Model

UK Bans Gucci Ad For Featuring Unnaturally Thin Model
Gucci Mathieu Libretto / Flickr CC BY 2.0


UK Bans Gucci Ad For Featuring Unnaturally Thin Model

A Gucci ad was banned in the UK for featuring an overly thin model. Allegedly, putting an ad with such a model on it can be quite unhealthy.

Huffington Post reported that a complaint was filed with the Advertising Standard Authority in the UK. According to the complaint, the ad featuring two models in a Gucci’s Cruise 2016 campaign is unacceptable. One of the two models looked very thin and unhealthy.

In one of the photos, it can be seen that the thin model was leaning against a wall wearing a long dress. This image was called irresponsible by ASA, ABC reported. The ASA said, “Further, her pose elongated her torso and accentuated her waist so that it appeared to be very small.”

It was noted in the complaint that the body of the model was out of proportion compared to her head and lower body. The facial expression and make-up were also unacceptable. The images appeared first on The Times website, which spawned rage upon those who were able to see it. The ASA asked Gucci to remove the model from the ads.

This is not the first time the UK is banning an ad. The concept of body proportion has changed after France voted to ban models under a certain body proportion. Attempts are being made towards promoting healthier models, avoiding models who are overly thin.

While the move is quite shocking, it is also a step towards the right direction. Models are asked to lose weight for campaigns in order to suit brands, without considering health issues to those who will see the ads. Women are prone to follow body patterns shown in advertisements, no matter how unrealistic and unhealthy.

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