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UFO: They’re Russia’s War Nuke Weapons

UFO: They’re Russia’s War Nuke Weapons


UFO: They’re Russia’s War Nuke Weapons

Russia conducted 12 tests of its nuclear missile program being prepared in an event of World War 3. Its next step might be to launch these nuclear missiles from space.

Russia conducted 12 tests of its nuclear missile program being prepared in the event of World War 3. Its next step might be to launch these nuclear missiles from space.

The country had announced its satellites can now aim precision weapons, fixing targets while calculating the topographical specifics of the area. All data retrieved were transmitted and uploaded to a computer used to control missiles. These satellites have actually been used in its airstrikes in Syria.

Siberians reported various UFO sightings in November. Some of them were uploading videos on YouTube as proof of the supposed aliens visiting the Earth.

However, a rocket scientist said the “UFO sightings” were actually test firings of a “bizarre Russian missile program to develop defense-penetrating warheads.” James Oberg, who worked for 22 years for NASA and witnessed various rocket launching in Siberia and Kazakhstan, told the Huffington Post that missile tests conducted by the U.S. and Russia had always been mistaken as UFOs.

“The just-launched missile coasts for several minutes and then fires its last stage pushing the warhead downwards into a special radar test range. The plume, then actually higher in the sky, gets to be more than 100 miles long, perhaps 500-600 miles in space before falling back into the atmosphere,” Ober told The Huffington Post in an email. The most recent sighting in Siberia was the twelfth testing of the missile, Oberg noted. “Half of the tests have occurred within an hour of sunset. For millions of people along the route, a triangle cloud suddenly appears from nowhere and grows for 60 seconds. Then the nose flares into a brief spiral and fades away,” he outlined.

The bizarre missile could be the Topol, Daily Star concluded. It is a long-range stealth nuclear missile that could penetrate any NATO missile shield in the event that World War 3 happens. As previously reported by the Morning News USA, the U.S. and NATO are working together in building a global missile shield defense system across borders of the Alliance. Russian president Vladimir Putin vowed to build a weapon that could penetrate this.

On Dec. 14, Russia Beyond The Headlines reports that Russian satellites can now monitor Syria and expansive coastal waters surrounding it. The Turkish-Syrian Border is also being monitored, the report said. In the coming days, Russia’s Defense Ministry will be linked into its own satellites that can control navy ships, submarines, aircraft and ground units, the report outlines.

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