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UFO Sightings: Aliens Caught Examining Lunar Surface – Report

UFO Sightings: Aliens Caught Examining Lunar Surface – Report
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UFO Sightings: Aliens Caught Examining Lunar Surface – Report

Alien hunters are convinced that the UFO sightings on the moon is definitive proof that ETs are exploring the lunar surface. A dark object was captured by the Moon Live Stream, a phenomena that has happened multiple times in the past.

While skeptics rule out the objects to be man-made satellites put into orbit, paranormal investigators claim they can prove otherwise. editor Scott Waring suggested that the object captured on live stream was checking out the moon.

According to Express, Waring argued that the object captured by a YouTube user, Spaceimaging Keith, was not a satellite. The object appeared to be moving in a zigzag pattern in contrast to a satellite that moves on a straight line.

He is convinced that the UFO is an intelligently flown spacecraft of alien origin. He added that it could even be a top-secret Earth based project being tested. If either proves to be true, the governments here on Earth will have a lot of explaining to do.

But what could the alleged UFO hope to gain by scanning the lunar surface? Is the Moon unique in some way?

UFO Sightings Are Aliens Collecting Human Technology?

Apparently it is, the Moon is the only place where humans have set foot on other than Earth itself. On the lunar surface are remnants of the Apollo missions, in other words, human technology.

The Moon could be the only place the aliens could get their hands on human technology without attracting too much attention. The lunar missions place a number of transmitters on the surface to gather data as well aid in experiments. Aside from those, most of the stuff that were left behind were the ones that were too heavy to take back on the return trip.

The lower halves of the lunar modules for example, contain hi-tech computers that could prove valuable despite being outdated. This could have been going on for some time, which is why the phenomena have been observed multiple times.

This is the latest of the UFO sightings to date with earlier sightings involving what was believed to be a fleet of UFOs. An alleged alien mothership was also reportedly seen near the Moon earlier this year.

Watch the video below:

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