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UFO Sighting 2016: ‘Floating Eye’ Island In Argentina Could Be Hiding UFO Base

UFO Sighting 2016: ‘Floating Eye’ Island In Argentina Could Be Hiding UFO Base
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UFO Sighting 2016: ‘Floating Eye’ Island In Argentina Could Be Hiding UFO Base

A team pf researchers and filmmakers have started a ‘Kickstarter’ campaign to raise funds for the investigation of a strange circular island located to the north-eastern edge of Argentina, that rotates on its own axis. The near perfect circular island can be viewed on the Google Maps using the co-ordinates 34°15’07.8’S 58°49’47.4″W.

According to the conspiracy theorists, the island named ‘The Eye,’ which is surrounded by a narrow channel of fresh water, hides beneath it a huge alien base. The team that started the Kickstarter campaign, hopes to raise enough funds that will allow them to uncover the mystery that lies underneath.

The team includes Richard Petroni, a hydraulic and civil engineer from New York, Argentine film director & producer Sergio Neuspillerm, and Pablo Martinez, a techie and founder of a telecommunications company. The discovery was made by Neuspillerm and his crew six months ago while looking for a place to shoot a film.

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After spotting the strange, rotating island on their computer screen, they were certain that this needed to be investigated.

“We have discovered a mysterious island near the Parana river, which, intriguingly, moves and rotates on its own axis,” Petroni said in a Press Release, as quoted by the Mail Online. “Besides, it features a neat circular structure bordered by another perfectly circular streak of water.”

He added, “It’s something real and accounts for several supernatural stories bearing connections to UFOs and other paranormal aspects.”

The island is located in the Parana Delta, which lies between Campana and Zarate in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Scott C. Warring of the UFO Sightings Daily said that Argentina has been the hotspot for UFO sightings and that he believed that the island is used by the aliens to hide their base. “The shape is large and circular, big enough to fit a 100 metre UFO through it,” he wrote in his blog, as quoted by the Sun. “The water below this floating island needs to be dove into and explored.”

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