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UFO Secretly Landed In Brazil: Video And Details To Know About The Mysterious Crop Circles

UFO Secretly Landed In Brazil: Video And Details To Know About The Mysterious Crop Circles
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UFO Secretly Landed In Brazil: Video And Details To Know About The Mysterious Crop Circles

Crop circles have long been associated with UFO sightings. Some claim that they were the landing sights of alien spacecraft while others believe they are coded messages beamed from their ships.

Most crop circles have been recorded occurring in the northern hemisphere. However crop circles have also been recorded occurring in the southern hemisphere as in the case of a recent discovery in Brazil.

On September 27, farmers discovered a crop circle formation in a field located in Prudentopolis, Parana, Brazil. Parana which is located south of the capital is a largely rural area with large fields, perfect for any extraterrestrial to land a ship.

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The stems of the crops where lay flat on the ground bent in a general direction. Most crop circles have a swirling pattern in the in the flattened plants but such patterns were absent on this particular formation.

Brazil Crop Circle Marks UFO Landing Site?

Could the field have been the site of a UFO landing? Or is this crop circle another message testing out intelligence to see if we are ready to make contact?

According to UFO Sightings Daily, there has yet to be an analysis of soil and plant samples from the site. A birds-eye view of the site is also currently unavailable. A full view of the formation’s pattern could be crucial to deciphering its message, if any.

Crop circle patterns have constantly evolved ever since they were first discovered. Early formations were merely circles of flattened crops but as the years went by sophisticated patterns began to appear.

Skeptics believe that these circles were made by mischievous locals or those wanting to attract attention to their town. Some even went to the trouble of creating crop circles themselves mimicking the patterns of so-called “genuine” circles.

However several differences were discovered between man-made circles and their alleged alien counterparts. These include the state of the plants as well as the soil, possible proof that a UFO is behind these mysterious phenomena.

Watch the video here:


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