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UFO News & Sightings 2016: ‘Ominous Object’ Reportedly Spotted In New York [Watch]

UFO News & Sightings 2016: ‘Ominous Object’ Reportedly Spotted In New York [Watch]
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UFO News & Sightings 2016: ‘Ominous Object’ Reportedly Spotted In New York [Watch]

Motorists in the New York City spotted a huge unidentified flying object looming over the city and UFO investigators Secure Team 10 posted a video on YouTube after it was sent to them by a witness. The object was also reportedly visible from New Jersey.

Secure Team 10’s Tyler said that the person who captured the video felt vibrations before spotting the object in the sky. According to him, the object hovered over the city for hours and he received several emails regarding the UFO sighting.

“One of the emails I received from a source who lives in Staten Island, shortly before this object appeared, said that he began hearing a faint, sort of vibrational staticy (sic) sound that seemed to grow in loudness to the point where the source said he could actually faintly feel vibrations,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

He also added that the source of the video made it very clear that they thought the mysterious flying object was just one of the banners connected to plans for advertising purposes. He said that the witness soon realized that the object was too big to be a banner and that there was no plane in sight.

However, some viewers expressed doubts over the authenticity of the video that stirred UFO news online. A YouTube user pointed out that the video has been taken from such a distance at which it is difficult to decipher what it really is.

“Isn’t it strange that EVERY single UFO video is of a UFO far away? rarely a video off someone who is underneath it or very close?” the user said.

Some users even suggested that it could have been a man-made aircraft or a balloon, the Metro reported. Whereas, there were many others who seemed to consider the object to be ominous.

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