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UFO News: Lightning Struck, Destroyed Numerous Mysterious Flying Objects [Watch]

UFO News: Lightning Struck, Destroyed Numerous Mysterious Flying Objects [Watch]
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UFO News: Lightning Struck, Destroyed Numerous Mysterious Flying Objects [Watch]

Blinding flashes of lighting seem to have stirred a group of mysterious flying objects according to the latest UFO news from the island of Corsica. Are the objects evading the high energy strikes or are they flying directly onto the thunderstorm for a different reason entirely?

The video was taken by an eye witness who observed the phenomena just before his/her vacation ended. People gathered to watch what was described as “a beautiful thunderstorm” that distracted tourists.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the storm began at around 9:00 PM local time. This prompted the tourist to take a camera to try and capture a few of the lightning bolts in the dark sky.

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Sitting down, elbows on the knees, trying to maintain a stable position he/she started recording. Not looking at the camera’s screen, the tourist noticed strange lights falling down after the lightning struck twice.

Same Phenomena Made UFO News Back In 2014

The tourist also recalled having captured the same phenomena back 2 years ago back in 2014. Strange lights were also falling from the sky after lightning bolts stabbed the sky, something that has been a common report when it comes to UFO news.

Double checking the footage, he confirmed that the camera also captured what he saw with the naked eye. Though out of the seven clips the tourist captured, only two recorded the strange lights.

On the first video, a total of four strange lights were observed near the vicinity of the lightning bolt. First dismissing the objects to be some sort ball lightning phenomena, he reconsidered after seeing one of them come into contact with the lightning and release an electrical discharge.

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Could this be an alien craft damaged, or worse, destroyed by the lightning? With each bolt containing about 5 billion joules, a single direct strike could destroy any known vehicle.

Skeptics might claim the strange lights were phenomena that accompanies some lightning storms. Still there’s no concrete proof that could disprove the theory that they could be alien crafts.

As more and more UFO news flood the web, could it be that aliens are slowly getting bolder and bolder in revealing their presence on Earth?

Watch the video here:


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