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UFO News 2016: Mysterious Object Spotted In Yorkshire, England

UFO News 2016: Mysterious Object Spotted In Yorkshire, England
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UFO News 2016: Mysterious Object Spotted In Yorkshire, England

A family experienced the shock of their lives after spotting a UFO while walking in Yorkshire, England. The object appeared to be similar in shape to the famous Star Trek ship the Enterprise.

The image was captured by 19-year-old Nicole Smith while walking on a Yorkshire moorland. She was also accompanied by her parents Shane and Catherine Smith who revealed that their daughter took the photo around 5:30 in the afternoon.

It was when they were on their way home when she started scanning the photos she took with her mobile phone. She was shocked to see what they believe was a UFO flying in the gloomy, gray sky.

According to the Sun, the image was studied by an American optical physicist who was formerly employed by the US Navy. Dr Bruce Maccabee said that he was not aware of anything like it although he did point out that the image is too small for a good resolution.

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With no information regarding the distance of the unknown object it could be an insect flying just a few feet from the camera lens. Another possibility is that it could be an aircraft flying just far enough to be indistinguishable and inaudible.

UFO Testing Happening In England?

According to Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, England is one of the two testing grounds for secret alien tech from the USAF. There’s a 50/50 chance this could be alien or one of our own.

The object appears to be made up of a spherical “body” or “hull” with two “legs” extending symmetrically on both sides. Its shape appears strikingly similar to the famous Enterprise from the Star Trek franchise.

Just recently, an alleged entrance to a secret alien base was also spotted in Argentina. Are UFO sightings such as these and all around the world linked to this structure?

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