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UFO News 2016: New Video Showing Huge UFO In Shanghai Surfaces [Watch]

UFO News 2016: New Video Showing Huge UFO In Shanghai Surfaces [Watch]
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UFO News 2016: New Video Showing Huge UFO In Shanghai Surfaces [Watch]

Earlier this month a UFO was seen lurking over the city of Shanghai. A video footage that is allegedly a zoomed in version of the recording has been uploaded on YouTube, overriding the conspiracy theorists.

A giant UFO, was spotted by hundreds of people to be hovering over Shanghai, China, for more than 10 hours, similar to a scent on Independence Day movie. People went into their speculative mode, suggesting the object was an alien spaceship or even the military experimenting with alien technology.

The video footage uploaded on YouTube, if proved to be genuine, would be the most detailed UFO video ever captured on camera. However, the Express UK reported that the video was produced and uploaded on YouTube by Section 51 2 channel. On a number of earlier occasions, the channel was caught using advanced CGI animation technology in its videos by UFO hoax busters.

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The comments section for a number of videos posted by the channel has also been disabled to prevent anyone from spilling the beans. Such hoax videos can damage actual research work, according to genuine UFO hunters. The channel was accused of benefiting from the advertisements that it acquires as a result of the huge number of views.

However, Section 51 2 posted an article along with the video entitled “Exclusive video showing huge UFO (or flying saucer) hovering in the sky over Shanghai during few hours before hiding in kind of camouflage screen,” that claimed the recording to be genuine.

The giant UFO was reportedly spotted earlier in July that led witnesses to anticipate an Independence Day-style alien invasion. It was reported that a man named Mr. Yeng said that he saw the object through a telescope and saw red, yellow and blue lights flickering from it. His friends had also seen it, but they had no idea what it was.

“At first, I thought it was the stars, but the stars are not so big, but suspect it is not a plane, but the object has been suspended in the sky, and does not seem to move.”

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