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UFO News 2016: Mysterious Flying Object Seen In A Village In France

UFO News 2016: Mysterious Flying Object Seen In A Village In France
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UFO News 2016: Mysterious Flying Object Seen In A Village In France

France is known for many things rich culture, delicious food, historical landmarks, romantic getaways, and, alien sightings? The country made UFO news after a mysterious flying object was spotted during a sunset at Aixe-sur-Vienne last Sunday.

The object appeared to be shrouded in what seems to be a cloud although its speed suggests otherwise. The object measuring about half a kilometer long, left a visible trail as it moves through the red palette of the sunset.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, Charles and Danielle Barbanes were about to enjoy their regular Sunday night. That was when things took a turn for the paranormal. The retired couple witnessed strange lights crisscross in the evening sky for 40 seconds to their shock, standard UFO news fare.

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Charles Barbanes recounted “I was outside when suddenly saw a light south around the size of a half moon.” “I believed in a probe, then she started to move inexplicably.” He added.

He immediately called his wife, who was still inside their home, to see the strange phenomenon unfold. Danielle Barbanes still has trouble believing what she saw that day.

“A kind of ball which emanated a yellow light came” she described the experience. She later the recounted that the strange object made a parabola, the light later fell to the other side of the bank of Aixe-sur-Vienne.

Latest UFO News Out Of France

A total of five mysterious balls of light passed by the Barbanes’ home in approximately 40 seconds. The objects made no noise as they made their way, nothing that can be attributed to aircraft or drones. Two of the objects even remained motionless before shooting vertically up into the sky.

Due to the lack of other eye witnesses or video proof, paranormal experts are unable to provide an explanation. It could be phenomena such as St. Elmo’s fire or merely the elderly couple’s vision playing tricks on them.

Either way there has been an increase of UFO news and sightings in Europe. Could the sightings be proof of increased alien activity here on Earth?

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