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UFC 200: Jon Jones Tested Positive On A Drug Test, But Certainly Not Cocaine?

UFC 200: Jon Jones Tested Positive On A Drug Test, But Certainly Not Cocaine?
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UFC 200: Jon Jones Tested Positive On A Drug Test, But Certainly Not Cocaine?

Jon Jones fans went  into a frenzy on Wednesday night when news broke out that the UFC interim light heavyweight champion test positive on an out-of-competition drug test.

He was removed rom his scheduled fight against Danier Cormier, set supposedly for this Saturday. Many believe he tested positive for cocaine but this cannot be the case.

Intead, he might have some performance-enhancing ddugs on this system. What spefically, is still unclear.

Jones’ failed test stemmed from a sample collected by the USADA around three weeks ago, on June 16. The sample is said to be “out-of-competition.” In-competition samples are the ones taken at the dates close to a fight, ranging from a day before or a week before the fight. Naturally, the number of products that can lead to a positive test result during in-competition test is much greater than out-of-competition tests.

When it comes to out-of-competition tests on the other hand, it is worth noting the USADA does not restrict drugs like cocaine, heroine, marijuana, and many more. Even narcotics, such as morphine or amphetamines are not banned.

A positive test therefore only meant that Jon Jones have steroid, hermone, diuretic, IV or anything linked with performance enhancers on his system and not cocaine, which is only banned only in the 24 hours prior to competition.

According to Bloody Elbow, Jon Jones may be speculated to having cocaine on his system because he tested positive for coke a month before his last fight against Cormier back ion January 2015. He was even entered into rehab after that day, albeit only for less than 24 hours.

At the time, he admitted that he committed a mistake — taking cocaine before a big fight that is, as reported by the USA Today.

“That’s the big question: Why would you do that right before your fight? I definitely don’t have an excuse, I’m not here to make excuses for what happened. I did it, you know, basically at a party,” Jon Jones said. “I think a coward would sit here and try to come up with this elaborate reason to try to blame something. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to blame my friends, I’m not going to blame pressure or stress. What I will say is that I messed up. It wasn’t a mistake, I can’t call it a mistake necessarily because I consciously did it,” he added.

While it is unclear yet what he tested positive for, it will be interesting to know what Jon Jones will say now as his reasons. Is it also a conscious decision to take something that is banned?

If he’s found guilty, he could be met with two-year suspension from fighting, which can forever put his once-dominant career at odds. He might even face some potential legal problems.

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