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uberX Imposes $1 Additional Fee for ‘Safe Rides’

uberX Imposes $1 Additional Fee for ‘Safe Rides’


uberX Imposes $1 Additional Fee for ‘Safe Rides’

uberX Imposes $1 Additional Fee for ‘Safe Rides’What is the cost of added safety when riding public transport? For uberX, it would be an additional $1 on the fee that customers pay for its services. The budget service of Uber has formally announced that it is increasing its prices by a dollar to support added safety costs.

From now on, the added safety cost would take a separate line item on the official uberX receipt. In a blog post, the company said the move is part of its commitment to overall safety on the road. The $1 dedicated Safe Rides Fee would be imposed in US cities where uberX ridesharing exists.

Interestingly, the added $1 will cover the costs of driver background checks, driver safety education, insurance, and regular motor vehicle monitoring. It would also cover the development of current and new safety features in the app used. Overall safety of customers would logically be assured.

Continued commitment to safety

In the same blog post, Uber reiterated that its entire team observers the commitment for continuous innovation, refinement, and diligence to make sure that its service is the safest on the road at all times. The company asserted that from its beginning, it has always aimed to render the safest services to passengers and pedestrians on the road.

It said that it would continue connecting its customers with only the safest rides on the road. As expected, Uber is trying its best to justify its decision to add $1 charge to its low-cost uberX service.

Learning from a precedence

This move comes as no surprise. uberX is demonstrating its increased commitment to overall safety after Uber was dragged into a controversial case of a 6-year-old girl who was struck and killed by an Uber car-for-hire contractor on December 31. The child was instantly killed and the driver named Syed Muzzafar was jailed and is being tried for various cases.

Uber was able to provide proof that the driver was not actually rendering Uber car services when the accident occurred. But the family of the victim still included the company in the death lawsuit it filed. The family is seeking damages from both the driver and Uber.

Since then, Uber has extended the driver insurance policy it provides to drivers. The measure is aimed at covering Uber drivers whose personal insurances don’t include accidents during the inevitable gap between rendering a ride to a customer and accepting a new hired service.

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