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Uber Testing New Policy, Risks Losing Customers

Uber Testing New Policy, Risks Losing Customers
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Uber Testing New Policy, Risks Losing Customers

A new program that is currently being developed by Uber will charge a fine if the passenger doesn’t show up or if the driver is circum to wait for two or more minutes. This new program is currently in discussion by the cab tech company to be tested in certain locations.

To be precise, the app’s new policy change will apply a fine that will require the passenger to pay up extra five minutes of the ride. The fine however will not take place if the passenger arrives to the pickup location in seven minutes.

Uber drivers will be required to wait for their passenger for five minutes before they decide to charge them a no-show fee. Furthermore, Uber also has plans on charging the customers for cancellation, if it occurs after two minutes of request for their service. Previously the grace period was set at five minutes.

The fee charge for cancellation and late arrival could range from $5 to $10 as it will be determined on city basis. However, this does not apply if the cancellation was due to ‘longer time than expected’ to arrive at pickup point.

This also brings up the debate if whether the cab drivers or Uber should be fined for late arrivals to the Pick-up location. If the passengers are to be charged, the same rules are to be applied on the service providers.

Uber said the cancellation fee was programmed to reimburse the precious time of the drivers. Uber also gave a statement saying, “Drivers’ time is valuable, and while we expect riders to request a ride only once they’re ready, we know that waiting for a rider at their pickup location can be frustrating.”

Uber also said that early cancellation causes chaos in their service’s ability to deploy drivers “efficiently.”Although this policy change could help the drivers, it also risks Uber from losing its passenger to rivals like Lyft who has 5 minute wait-and-see policy which is risk free to the customers.

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