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This Uber Driver Helped Bust A Child Sex Trafficking Ring (Watch)

This Uber Driver Helped Bust A Child Sex Trafficking Ring (Watch)
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This Uber Driver Helped Bust A Child Sex Trafficking Ring (Watch)

  • Uber driver Keith Avila becomes witness to a child sex trafficking plot while giving a ride to passengers.
  • After dropping them off, Avila reports his passengers to the police.

Uber driver Keith Avila never thought he would end up helping bust a child sex trafficking ring while on duty.

It all started when he accommodated some passengers, a group of three to be exact. He had picked up two women along with a teen and was driving them to the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove, California. Along the way, Avila started hearing things in the back that didn’t sound right.

Suspects discussed child sex trafficking plot openly.

Avila said, “They just started talking right in front of me…” The two “pimps” openly discussed delivering the teen a certain “John” and collecting money from him later on.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Avila explained that the teen the two women were discussing about was seated right beside him in the front seat. He remarked, “She looked like she was 12 years old, can you believe that? 12 years old.”

After dropping them off at their destination, Avila called the police. He explained, “Thankfully, I got the room number of where they were ‘gonna go.” Police arrived at the scene minutes later and apprehended the two women along with the man they were going to turn the teen over to.

According to a report from NBC News, police apprehended 31-year-old Maria Westley and 25-year-old Destiny Pettway along with 20-year-old Disney Vang.

Uber praises Avila’s heroic actions.

For Avila’s courageous and timely action, the Uber Safety Team commended their driver for a job well done over the phone. The company expressed their gratitude to him for helping save a teen at the first sign of trouble. They also later informed him that all three people involved in the child sex trafficking ring are not banned from Uber for good.

Meanwhile, Avila later made it clear he was never planning to just drive off and let the teen become a victim. “I can’t just drive away. It’s not even an option!”

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