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Tyson Foods Chicken Abuse Exposed! Birds Wrung, Suffocated And Left To Decay

Tyson Foods Chicken Abuse Exposed! Birds Wrung, Suffocated And Left To Decay
Tyson Exposed: A Tradition of Torture YouTube


Tyson Foods Chicken Abuse Exposed! Birds Wrung, Suffocated And Left To Decay

Tyson Foods is currently under fire after a hidden surveillance video circulated the internet showing how some of its employees abuse and violently handle the animals.

In animal welfare website Compassion Over Killing, a video was uploaded showing how poultry animals at Tyson are being mishandled and abused by employees. The exposè shocked many, which resulted to the firing of at least 10 employees, when social media expressed disgust over the video.

Tradition of Torture

Erica Meier, Compassion Over Killing Executive Director, in a statement said that such acts of animal cruelty should not be condoned. The group also calls for the company to take full responsibility of the incident.

“This level of violence and abuse is so egregious, it violates Virginia state animal protection laws — and it violates consumer trust. Tyson should be held accountable for the horrors inflicted upon these animals. Tyson, the titan of this industry, is literally crushing the life out of birds,” Meier said.

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According to the article, a COK investigator who works inside the poultry farm took the video, where a farm supervisor was seen suffocating and maltreating the animals, and instructing others to do the same. The anti-animal cruelty website said it has several other informants working in different branches of the farm across the country.

Tyson VP Outraged, Disgusted

Tyson, as defense, issued a statement, saying the employees in the video were trained the proper and most humane way of handling poultry animals. In the video, the supervisor said he’s aware that what he was doing was illegal, and they could be fired for doing so.

In the statement, Dr. Christine Daugherty, Tyson’s vice president of sustainable food production said she felt disgusted after seeing the video. Daugherty added that the company would continue to uphold the most humane treatment and handling of farm animals.

“I’m disgusted and outraged by what’s shown in this video. We do not tolerate animal abuse and have fired ten people who were members of this crew. Animals in our care deserve to be treated humanely. It’s our responsibility to ensure that everyone who works for our company behaves properly. Our management team is dedicated to continue fostering a culture of proper animal handling,” Daugherty said in the statement by COK.

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