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Tyronn Lue Compares Himself To Jesus Christ

Tyronn Lue Compares Himself To Jesus Christ
Tyronn Lue Erik Drost / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Tyronn Lue Compares Himself To Jesus Christ

Tyronn Lue has heard murmurs that he got David Blatt fired as Cavs coach. He tells critics: “They ridiculed Jesus Christ, so I’m certainly no exception”.

Tyronn Lue has heard the murmurs. There are many who reckon that Lue orchestrated the sacking of his incumbent David Blatt before swooping in as the Cleveland Cavaliers coach.

Let’s be realistic. Who couldn’t? Blatt was dumped after leading his team an 83-40 record in less than a season-and-a-half as Cavaliers coach. So was Lue responsible?

Lue said he was willing to cope with the criticism since his conscious is clear. “Me and Blatt are cool. We’ve spoken a few times since (he was fired). I texted him a few days ago, so it’s not what people want to think. To say I was doing things behind the scenes to get this job is crazy. This job? A team that’s in first place? Come on,” the Cavs coach told

‘They ridiculed Jesus Christ too’

Lue realizes the circumstances surrounding his appointment weren’t ideal. The former Laker went ahead and compared himself to Jesus Christ. “Look, they ridiculed Jesus Christ, so I’m certainly no exception. I don’t care what’s being said. I know how loyal I was to Coach Blatt, and the people that know me understand that. I have no control over what people think. I have a job to do and I’m going to do my best.”

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A couple of weeks ago, the hashtag #bringbackblatt began trending on Twitter. Israeli newspapers hailed Blatt as “a traitor” and “a backstabber,” and social media exploded. “I don’t read any of that (expletive). Even if it’s positive reviews. I’ve always been that way. I like to fly under the radar. I don’t like my name in everything,” said Lue.

Since Lue took over the team, the Cavaliers are 7-2 in 9 games. Not a bad start, after all. Lue reiterated that he doesn’t pay attention to the chatter surround his appointment.

“It’s part of the job (criticism). If I let what people said affect me, I wouldn’t be here. At the end of the day, I have a job to do, and hopefully we can do some great things together,” Tyronn Lue told in a tell-all interview on Sunday.

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