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Prince Turning On His Grave: Siblings Fighting For His Money?

Prince Turning On His Grave: Siblings Fighting For His Money?

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Prince Turning On His Grave: Siblings Fighting For His Money?

Prince, the Pop Icon who suddenly passed away at 57, did not leave a will. As such, there are currently some difficulties managing the estate he left. Reportedly however, a solution has already been arrived at, with  Prince’s sister has been appointed the special administrator of his huge property of $300 million worth of properties.

According to Radar Online, Tyka had filed the paperwork asking for appointment as an executor at the Minneapolis court. She filed that on April 26th asking to be named the executor of a will. The judge yielded to that on April 27 morning.

Nelson is the only surviving full sibling of Prince. She had also asked a corporate trust company, Bremer Trust to be named the administrator of Prince’s estates. Nelson had asked for ‘immediate action’ to be taken about the Pop Star’s business affairs because he had left no will before his death.

Tyka isn’t well adept in managing anything like that, an insider told Radar. The other siblings, however, are even less equipped than Tyka. They are mainly interested in the fact that they should receive money at the end of it all.

Prince’s millions are supposed to be divided among Alfred, Corrine, John, Sharon, Tyka and Omar, his siblings. Omar was present when judge passed the order for Tyka Nelson to become the administrator of Prince’s property. He did not object to that. However, insiders told Radar that a battle for money was stewing already behind the scenes.

TMZ later on proved this. Allegedly, Tyka stormed out of the building after meeting with the rest of Prince’s siblings. It remains to be seen how the estate can be properly managed. The legendary Pop singer’s net worth is even expected to rise from the posthumous sales of his albums.

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