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Two-third Unlawful Listings of Airbnb in NYC

Two-third Unlawful Listings of Airbnb in NYC


Two-third Unlawful Listings of Airbnb in NYC

Can you imagine most of the Airbnb listings in New York City to be illegal? According to the thorough analytic report published recently by Travel News site and market research firm skift, a persistent Airbnb ankle-biter, almost two-third of the total listings of Airbnb in New York city are not by legal means. This is even worse than the previous figures released, according to which half of the listings violated the law, a less technical estimate though.

The Attorney General of New York subpoenaed Airbnb for hosting back in October. However, the company considered the request to be too burdensome to be accepted. Hence, Skift decided to do it for them. The blog commissioned a data extraction and monitoring firm, Connotate to monitor the listings of the site over the course of the last month.

The results found out by the monitoring firm confirmed that was already expected by most of the people who are familiar with the most Airbnb in New York. Most of the users would rather prefer renting the complete home or apartment that is totally illegal in New York law. Some of the users might rent a private room. Only 2% of the people are interested in the shared room.

While discussing the cities that want to eliminate the illegal conditions, Airbnb likes to emphasize of two aspects: the economic impact, and the number of people playing the role of hosts by renting out their homes or rooms to make extra money (87% in New York City). Airbnb official analysis provides a deep insight into the situation that Skift’s figures tend to ignore.

Consider the cases in which some people are hosting more than one property on the site that amount to 30%. Most of the users on the site are only hosting one property. This figure illustrates that most of the revenues of Airbnb comes from those users who have owned more than one property. This act also indicates some level of professionalism. These users having multiple properties are provided to landlords, foreign investors, or friends. These users are not likely to be promoted by Airbnb.

Airbnb hasn’t paid any heed to the report released by the Skift. However, it has released its own report by highlighting the economic impact brought about by borough in New York City. It shows $528 million increase in Manhattan alone. Hosts are welcoming the people all over the world to share their world and increase their income.

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