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Two South Boston Doctors Found Dead, Suspect In Custody After Fire Exchange

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Two South Boston Doctors Found Dead, Suspect In Custody After Fire Exchange

Authorities discovered the bodies of two doctors in their Boston penthouse on Friday. They were said to be engaged.

A SWAT team who was conducting a sweep of the apartment had discovered the victims. The Boston Police Department identified them as Dr. Richard Field and Dr. Lina Bolanos. They were both found dead with their hands tied and throats slit. Blood was also reportedly found on the walls of the crime scene. One of the officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the killed had also left a “message of retribution” on the wall.

According to a report from the Boston Globe, Field had tried to get help during his final moment. He had sent a text message to a friend from his apartment in South Boston. However, when Boston police arrived at the scene at around 8:45 PM, they were too late.

Suspect fired at the police officers who responded to the crime scene.

The Boston Police Department (BPD) said they had responded to call in the area regarding a person with a gun on Friday night. As officers arrived, they reportedly spotted the suspect who was armed. Soon as the suspect spotted the officers, he opened fire on them, causing a fire exchange that lasted for some time. In the end, however, the officers were able to place the suspect in custody after a “violent struggle.” Moreover, the suspect had sustained injuries during the firefight, but was said to be non-life threatening. He was transported to an area hospital for treatment. It was after the suspect was taken into custody that the BPD SWAT team found Field and Bolanos.

Field is said to be an anesthesiologist who worked at a pain management practice in Beverly. Meanwhile, Bolanos worked as a pediatric anesthesiologist at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Following their deaths, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear released a statement saying, “The entire Mass. Eye and Ear community is deeply saddened by the deaths of Dr. Lina Bolanos and her fiancé. Dr. Bolanos was an outstanding pediatric anesthesiologist and a wonderful colleague in the prime of both her career and life.”

Suspect had been involved in larceny in the past.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been identified as Bampumim Teixeira. He had just been released from a house of correction in April Last year, he had pleaded guilty to two counts of larceny for passing notes to demand money from the same bank twice. At the time of his arrest, one official has said Teixeira listed himself as a security guard.

According to a report from CBS Boston, authorities currently don’t know how Teixeira is connected with the victims. However, they suspect that the couple knew him. The investigation on the gruesome murders is currently ongoing.

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