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Twitter Turns 8; Releases New Tool that Retrieves Users’ First Tweet

Twitter Turns 8; Releases New Tool that Retrieves Users’ First Tweet


Twitter Turns 8; Releases New Tool that Retrieves Users’ First Tweet

Twitter is turning 8 years old on Friday, March 21. The day marks the first time the co-founder of the Website, jack Dorsey posted the first ever tweet. He said, “Just setting up my twttr.” That first tweet was posted at 3:50 in the afternoon of March 21, 2006. How time flies!

Prepare your cake and birthday balloons as you set to celebrate with the microblogging site. Just like when Facebook recently celebrated its anniversary, Twitter also has something new in store for its users in the occasion of its anniversary.

First tweet ever 

Have you ever wondered what your first tweet was? With thousands of tweets you have already posted in your Twitter account, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to retrieve that first message you posted over the Website. Perhaps, you were testing the site. Or you could have posted an unintentional message because back then you di not have any idea what a tweet is all about.

Now, prepare to go down the memory lane. Whether you joined Twitter when it first made waves in 2006 of just more recently, you could now possibly retrieve your first ever tweet.

On the occasion of its 8th birthday, Twitter has released a new and unique tool that would make your very first tweet ever re-surface on your screen. Moreover, you could also check the first ever tweet of your friends and acquaintances. Sounds fun? It surely would be.

How does it work? Simply go to the web address and key in your @username. In an instant, you would retrieve the first ever tweet you made since you opened the account. Prepare to embarrassed because you probably wasn’t sure how to use Twitter when you were first introduced to it.

Creep on other users 

Not only that. Twitter allows you to check out what the first tweets of your friends are by using the same web address. Type in any @username within the box provided and click the corresponding button to see the person’s first tweet. It is that fun.

Eight years ago, you and your friends were probably wondering how you can possibly communicate using just 140 characters of text. BY now, you srely have gotten used to it.

Twitter always has something new to discover during its anniversary each year. It can be recalled that in 2011, the Website shared to its users its history in short text. From then we could discover that Dorsey first created the idea of Twitter ion a notepad sometime in 2001. He called that idea ‘’ 

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