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Twitter Tests Tweets with Option to ‘Buy Now’

Twitter Tests Tweets with Option to ‘Buy Now’


Twitter Tests Tweets with Option to ‘Buy Now’

Twitter Tests Tweets with Option to ‘Buy Now’Soon, Twitter users would be able to buy merchandise through tweets. The microblogging site has officially started testing its ‘Buy Now’ option, which would finally facilitate purchasing of services and goods through the 140-character messages within the site.

The technology firm has disclosed that its test involves only a small percentage of its US-based users. In a blog post, group product manager Taun Jain said this serves as an initial step as Twitter builds the functionality to make mobile shopping easier, more convenient, and more fun.

Partner merchants

It can be recalled that this new feature first appeared in July and was available to a few users of Twitter on iOS and Android. Now, more users of the mobile app would start noticing tweets that come with the unique option to purchase products directly through their timeline. Not surprisingly, some of the products that are initially sold are exclusive to Twitter.

During this trial period, some of the partners taking part in the test are Fancy, Musictoday, Gumroad, and Stripe. More merchants are expected to join the fray soon. As expected, this test even involves and includes several other brands, charities, and artists that are peddling their own products. Among those are Burberry, Brad Paisley, Demi Lovato, The Home Depot, DonorsChoose, Pharell, GLAAD, Ryan  Adams, (RED), and 9/11 Day.

How it works

Twitter said the transactions could be completed in just a few taps. Making a purchase should be fast that users could immediately move on to continue enjoying tweeting. To do a purchase, simply click the button ‘Buy Now’ to start finding additional details of the product or service. Then, follow the succeeding prompt for users to enter payment as well as shipping information.

When the purchase transaction is confirmed, the order information would then be sent to the corresponding merchant, which would then arrange for delivery. It is that easy. Users could then instantly return to their normal Twitter feed.

Twitter assures that credit card purchases would be processed securely. Credit card data would not be shared to sellers unless when users give the permission to do so during transactions. Payment and shipping data would be encrypted as well as safely stored afterwards. Users could also opt to remove the details any time.

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