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Twitter Tests ‘Mute’ Function to Shut Tweets from Annoying Tweeters

Twitter Tests ‘Mute’ Function to Shut Tweets from Annoying Tweeters


Twitter Tests ‘Mute’ Function to Shut Tweets from Annoying Tweeters

Twitter Tests ‘Mute’ Function to Shut Tweets from Annoying TweetersDo you have a Twitter friend who frequently posts annoying tweets? You may rule out the option to ‘unfollow’ that contact. But now, you may still keep him/her in your friends list and stop getting annoying tweets from him/her.

The microblogging Website has reportedly started to test its ‘mute’ function. According to several users of its iOS and Android apps, they have already gained the ability to mute other users. What does that mean?

According to sources, the ‘mute’ function in the online site allows users to block other users’ tweets. That means that if you have a tweeter friend who constantly annoys you through his tweets or re-tweets, you may opt to block those posts from your timeline. You can do so without actually unfollowing that person.

‘Silencing’ annoying contacts

A similar function has been well received particularly on a few third-party Twitter applications, including Tweetbot and TweetDeck. Tweetbot allows muting of another user or users. It can even mute an entire app for a specified duration (a day, a week, or even for life).

This new feature can enable users to mute annoying contacts in Twitter. It is expected to soon be a universal feature in the Website. However, some experts have one recommendation when using the ‘mute’ function. That would be to ‘unmute’ that follower after some time or periodically so that users may never have to miss any important communication from that person.

Another clarification: the ‘mute’ function of Twitter would not be able to block direct messages. It won’t even block notifications through tagging.

Test run of the function

You may now try to test your own Twitter account to see if your account is one of the lucky ones that have been picked to experience the test run. How to test it? Simply visit the account profile of any user in your contacts list. Click on the gear icon. Sometimes, the mute function may appear at the top portion of the menu.

For now, it is still unclear whether Twitter would eventually provide access to every user. It has to be taken note of that Twitter is like all other sites that test new features and eventually pull out those functions. In fact, no one can tell by now if this ‘mute’ function would ever see the light of day. Let’s cross our fingers for now.

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