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Twitter Rolls Out ‘Tweet View Counts’ on Its iOS App

Twitter Rolls Out ‘Tweet View Counts’ on Its iOS App


Twitter Rolls Out ‘Tweet View Counts’ on Its iOS App

Twitter is again doing a little experiment, obviously to make its service more useful and helpful to its users. According to reports, the microblogging site has started rolling out ‘# views’ item that appears beneath the content of a posted tweet. It can also be located above the arrow that faces to the left.

However, before all other Twitter users get excited about the new feature, it should be noted that initially and for the time being, ‘#views’ is exclusive to users of the official Twitter app for iOS devices.

It is not yet clear if Twitter would eventually roll out the new feature to users who access the site in their desktops, laptops, and other devices. There is no clarification or announcement from Twitter yet if the new feature would be introduced to Android app users as well. The Website has yet to clarify if the new feature is also a temporary or permanent fixture and if there is a current timetable as to bringing it to other versions.

New feature on Twitter

This new feature is not unique to Twitter. Obviously, it could be considered as an adoption of what is done on Facebook. If you are an active Facebook user, you should be aware that your shout-outs and posts can reach as many FB users as possible. The number of those users who have actually viewed your post, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is indicated beneath the post.

If this feature would officially be rolled out to all Twitter users, it would surely excite some and disappoint others. First, it would be nice to know how many Twitter users have actually seen your tweets. But secondly, it could be sad to know if only a few people are able to view your tweets.

A new mystery

This move is seen as part of the series of endeavors that Twitter is rolling out to bring the primary interactions of the service to the front and center, especially within official mobile apps. There could be further emphasis on functions like following, retweeting, and favoriting.

According to analysts, this feature could at least give Twitter users an idea of which topics are more interesting to their followers and to other users of the Website. They are not sure if this new feature is intended to encourage or discourage users to tweet more.  

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