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Twitter Rolls out Personalized Push Notifications for iOS and Android Apps

Twitter Rolls out Personalized Push Notifications for iOS and Android Apps


Twitter Rolls out Personalized Push Notifications for iOS and Android Apps

Twitter Rolls out Personalized Push NotificationsTwitter started a new feature that would help mobile apps users remain updated with the latest in the network. The Website’s apps for Apple and Android devices would start sending more personalized push notifications when many of their contacts follow similar users or retweet noteworthy tweets.

Now, no one would have an excuse to miss the best and juiciest tweets. Every Twitter user would also be updated about their friends and acquaintances who have recently joined the network. This is not a surprising and unlikely feature that should have been introduced many years ago.

Ideal user experience

Users are also given the power to reject push notifications that they may find annoying. They could deny or drop Twitter alerts through options in the smartphone’s Settings menu. This would also help filter the tweets that would appear on someone’s timeline.

The aim of the added feature, according to Twitter is to make sure all its users would remain ‘in the know.’ But the microblogging site did not forget privacy measures. Twitter surely wants to make user experience worthwhile and relevant at the same time.

Experimental account

The company revealed that it has developed the feature through the help of an experimental Twitter account, the handle @MagicRecs. It sends out personalized recommendations through direct message. The Website has been tweaking its algorithms on a gradual phase to make sure it would be sending out the most important and relevant updates to users.

After the new feature was launched, Twitter has no intention of deleting the experimental account. The company said it would continue using @MagicRecs for many other important tests in the future.

Twitter environment

This new added feature came amid persistent speculations that Twitter plans to revamp its version for mobile apps to entice more new users and to facilitate chats about TV series and events. There are reports that the Website is already considering ditching its four tabs found at the app’s bottom. Those are the Home, Discover, Connect, and Me tabs.

Just recently, Twitter has updated its apps specifically for iOS and Android devices. It even modified the Website itself to make it faster and easier to follow posts on each timeline and to join the exchange of conversations. Tweets in conversations would now appear in chronological order with each tweet connected by distinct blue lines.

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