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Twitter Rolls Out Implemented Videos Beta

Twitter Rolls Out Implemented Videos Beta


Twitter Rolls Out Implemented Videos Beta

Twitter Rolls Out Implemented Videos BetaTwitter is up for something, again. This time, the microblogging site is focusing its sights on videos. In case you are not aware, the website has implemented new video experience earlier this year.

Well now, it seems that the company has launched videos on its site initially to test a new feature that it can launch in the future. You may have happened to also notice and try one-tap video previews in your own timeline. The company is now set to expand that offering through a beta test of its so-called Promoted Video.

It can be recalled that Twitter initially tried it with its Amplify partners, including the NBA. The first videos that have been featured share highlights from games. Those were featured in a series of relatively short videos.

Cost per view

With the new Promoted Video, advertisers can sign up and pay fees on a Cost Per View or CPV arrangement. That means that advertisers are charged only when users actually play their videos through the site. Twitter commits to also bring robust analytics along with this new feature.

Through the Promoted Video, it is now easier for brands to upload then distribute videos through the site. It is also faster to measure the effectiveness and reach of this type of content. This is according to senior product manager David Regan in a recent blog post.

The goal is still to bring more videos as possible to more users through their timelines. For Twitter, it would be a means to make the usage of the site a more engaging and richer experience.

Easy video access

What is outstanding about this new feature is that users only have to tap at least three times to start watching a featured video. The first tap would be to open the tweet. The next is to open the video and the last would be to play the video clip. In the Promoted Video, users will only click once to immediately playback a video.

Social media sites are starting to focus on videos. In March, another social networking site, Facebook, began rolling out auto-play advertisements on its news feed. Those appear as muted until the users click on those.

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