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Twitter Probes the Real Cause of Recently Missing Tweets

Twitter Probes the Real Cause of Recently Missing Tweets


Twitter Probes the Real Cause of Recently Missing Tweets

Earlier this month, TV host Ellen DeGeneres made history in Twitter when she posted the most re-tweeted selfie tweet ever. She was with several Hollywood celebrities in the photo. With over 3.4 million re-tweets so far, that selfie remains popular in the microblogging site.

However, it is just hard to believe that the same selfie tweet disappeared on Tuesday, together with many other popular tweets from celebrities. Twitter was easily filled with tweets from disappointed users over the problem. Later in the same day, Twitter released an advisory that it had already launched a probe to look at a bug that possibly caused the disappearance of several tweets.

Restored tweets

As of press time, the missing tweets have already been restored. It is just not clear if all of those were brought back. It is also not clear if regular, non-celebrity users were also affected by the glitch. But so far, the Website has yet to make any announcement about what really happened when some popular tweets just vanished.

This problem has become the third incidence this month that the service experienced a setback. Earlier this month, after Ellen’s popular selfie tweet was posted, Twitter went down for a few minutes because of the overwhelming traffic, obviously in response to the TV host’s call to make that post the most retweeted in the service ever.

On March 11, Twitter also went down for more than hour. It also created a stir for some time. But many users just set it aside as another usual case of occasional technical glitch.

Other affected users

Aside from Ellen, several popular celebrities were also affected by the recent problem. First on the list is the deceased ‘Glee’ star Cory Montieth, who unexpectedly died in July. His last tweet before he passed away disappeared, to the dismay of many of his fans.

Some of Lady Gaga’s past controversial tweets also vanished for a while. Those posts included a photo of fellow celebrity Miley Cyrus that came together with Gaga’s warning to parents not to leave their kids with her. It has been considered by many as a treat of a tweet that unfortunately went missing, and until now has not yet been restored.

Many Twitter users now hope that the Website would close March without any added problem. They also hope that April would go on smoother compared to this month for the microblogging site.

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