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Twitter Modifies Profile Colors and Web Font

Twitter Modifies Profile Colors and Web Font


Twitter Modifies Profile Colors and Web Font

Twitter Modifies Profile Colors and Web FontWhat’s up with Twitter? As usual, the microblogging site is not running out of new things to announce. After introducing design updates to its signup page just about a week ago, the social networking Website is up for another set of updates.

This time, Twitter is set to implement changes on how profiles and accounts look like. Before weekend, the company announced those upcoming changes on its previous posts on its own Twitter account.

Two changes

On its tweet, Twitter identified the first change it is implementing soon as a necessary update for its web font. It said this modification would facilitate better speed and improved readability of tweets. It hinted that it would now be easier and faster for users to post and read tweets especially from any account’s own profile pages.

The second change announced by the site would be the ability of users to change profile colors. It said that users would be provided more color options to choose from. Logically, this change is also aimed at making it easier and faster to access and use a profile page. It may also please users who want to get more control in adjusting the colors they see whenever they log in to their profile accounts.

Early reaction from users

However, some industry observers and analysts think that the font update would just facilitate a return to the sans-serif system of default font. It would also revert Windows users back to Arial, OS X users to Helvetica Neue, and Android users to Droid Sans.

Some of them even asserted that this could be a backtrack from Twitter’s past decision to implement Gotham Narrow. It was a font modification that was also met with a mixture of users’ negative reactions during that time.

This early, some users are also expressing their opposition to the planned font change. Ironically, they are using their own Twitter accounts to post their tweets of discontent so that the company may hear their opinion. As of press time, Twitter is yet to make any reaction to this increasingly growing concern of some users regarding the font changes.  

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