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Twitter Modifies Primary Font for Messages

Twitter Modifies Primary Font for Messages


Twitter Modifies Primary Font for Messages

Twitter Modifies Primary Font for MessagesIf you are into tweeting, you should have noticed the change in Twitter. The microblogging site has confirmed that it has actually made modifications to its Website. The company said it has changed the primary font of the messaging system.

In a recent statement released by Twitter, it has announced that it is rolling out the new font for the website. It revealed that it is now using Gotham as the major font evident when users are creating and posting tweets. The site used to utilize Helvetica Neue.

Global rollout of the change

The change is yet to be rolled out globally. However, it has already been implemented in some countries. In fact, the change in font is now a trending topic in the social media site. But not all ‘tweeps’ (as people who are into tweeting are referred to informally) are happy.

The first users to have identified the change have mixed opinions about the change. Analysts have underlined that the change is definitely noticeable. However, as they say, it is still not actually a remarkable departure from its former font.

Moreover, there are also disgruntled Twitter users who seem not able to welcome the change. Those who are not happy with the new font assert their opinion that the change makes the Website look ‘cheap and amateurish.’ There are significant others who think that the new font used is hard to read, claiming that the new Twitter has just turned unkind particularly to users who are suffering from impaired eyesight.

Trying to be the next Facebook?

Interestingly, this change comes just less than a week after Twitter rolled out another change that made it look more like Facebook. In that change, many observers think that Twitter has adopted a Facebook-like profile. As of press time, that change has already been rolled out to all the users of the microblogging site around the globe.

Thus, this becomes the subject of bashers who want to criticize the changes in Twitter. Some of them assert that Twitter is starting to aim to become the next Facebook. They pointed out that Twitter does not need to be a Facebook ‘wannabe’ just because the microblogging social site is ‘actually better’ than the site founder by Mark Zuckerberg.

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