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Mark Hughes, Misidentified Sniper In Dallas Shooting: Will The Media Apologize?

Mark Hughes, Misidentified Sniper In Dallas Shooting: Will The Media Apologize?
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Mark Hughes, Misidentified Sniper In Dallas Shooting: Will The Media Apologize?

The Dallas Police Department has identified an innocent man as one of the suspects of the Dallas shooting. While it seems that the mistake has been rectified, Twitter users belive Mark Hughes is now in a dangerous situation and that the media, even the police, should issue a public apology.

The police misidentified Mark Hughes as one of the people who killed at least five officers in a protest against the police following the shooting of two American-African men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

In the Twitter page of the Dallas Police Department, they posted a photo of Mark Hughes, who was also in the protest, and captioned it with, “This is one of our suspects. Please help us find him!”

After the tweet was immediately picked-up by the local media, Mark Hughes’ brother Cory immediately told CBS News that his brother is innocent.

He said Mark Hughes was with him in the protest and was even wearing his own weapon to exercise his Second Amendment rights to bear arms in the protest. He then handed his gun to the police after being questioned following the shooting. He was already released.

“He never thought that by exercising his right he’s be plastered over the national media as a suspect,” he said, noting that they were already receiving threats from people after being misidentified.

Mark Hughes had also aired his side in a video posted in YouTube.

Meanwhile, Twitter users came to defend Mark Hughes, with the hashtag #MarkHughes, with some slamming the police department and the media for not verifying the fact.

“#Dallas Why no update on suspects in custody? Media also needs to come stronger with exoneration of #MarkHughes,” one user said.

Another one said, “Perfect example of Guilty until proven innocent.  Problems blacks face in America #MarkHughes. The media could’ve gotten this man killed.”

As of press time, the Dallas Police Department has still not deleted their tweet with Mark Hughes picture.

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