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Twitter Celebrates 10th Anniversary – A Decade Of Many Achievements

Twitter Celebrates 10th Anniversary – A Decade Of Many Achievements
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Twitter Celebrates 10th Anniversary – A Decade Of Many Achievements

Twitter celebrated its 10th anniversary on Monday. Ten years ago on March 21, 2006, the social networking site first established its presence when a 29-year-old entrepreneur Jack Dorsey wrote, “just setting up my twttr.” Since then, the service has been going strong and it has changed the way we communicate today.

The past 10 years hold illustrious records of the company’s biggest milestones earned during the course of time. Some of the world’s biggest news first broke on Twitter, of which the report of the U.S. raid that killed Obama Bin Laden was first written by a Pakistani man.

The sensational news of an American airplane landing on New York’s Hudson River was first revealed on the site. Other breaking news like the pro-democracy Arab Spring protests became domineering on Twitter, according to Learning English.

What started out as a startup with a meager group of 5 people translated into a multi-billion dollar public company. Twitter is now one of the most coveted social networking sites where important public personalities prefer to express their thoughts and views on social and personal issues. The messages carry pictures, links and GIFs.

Express points out that about five hundred million tweets are written everyday, with over 200 billion tweets posted every year. The social networking site’s popularity was recently announced by Lewis Wiltshire saying, “Whether it’s the London 2012 Olympics, the#GBBO final, the General Election or the BRIT Awards, when big events happen, they happen on Twitter.”

He also added, “The depth and breadth of content shared by our users around these big moments has made it the perfect live viewing party for the world’s biggest events.”

The concept of hashtag came much later after twitter’s creation. Chris Messina was the first to discover the pound sign (#), referred to as hashtag to organize tweets. The hashtag feature was finally introduced in 2009. Retweeting was another significant feature, which was introduced in November, 2009.

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